Ghetto Gaggers London Blaq - Gets face fucked and given a sticky facial

Upon entering the studio today, I quickly was told two important pieces of information. 1) London Blaq is a stripper and 2) she's "hood". Wonderful. I have mixed feelings when dealing with strippers.

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Ghetto Gaggers Ashely Luvbug - Ebony whore takes on a huge white cock

Ashely Luvbug is a nice mix. She has that light skin complexion that the brothas like but the sistas hate... but she has that sweet ghetto booty that all men like. She's a petite little fuck doll that...

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Ghetto Gaggers Mocha Sinn gags on a throbbing cock

Mocha Sinn... don't let her quiet demeanor fool you. This shy little fuck can suck a cock to the balls and take it up the ass with a smile. It's always the quiet ones, right?Gio had his work cut out for him today.

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You may or may not have heard the name Shae Spreadz. She's been in the game for a few years but the shady politics of porn has been keeping her name out of the limelight. Today, she comes out...

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Ghetto Gaggers Superstar J gags on a throbbing cock

What can I say about Superstar J? She's sweet, but hood. Her body is a disaster, which is why I had her keep her dress on. She does have enormous natural tits, though... just focus on that I guess...

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Ghetto Gaggers Alexis Mitchell extreme interracial throat fucking

Alexis Mitchell... the darkest whore I've ever shot. Almost one of the most frustrating scenes I've ever shot. For someone who claims to never really have much sex... this stickly...

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Ghetto Gaggers Nicki B extreme throat fucking video

Nicki B... named that because she looks like a Nicki Minaj doppelganger. That's a good thing.This girl is fucking hot... like porno box cover hot. We struck gold today!

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Ghetto Gaggers Gia Marie brutally deep throated and given a messy facial

Today we have Gia Marie. She kind of looks like Michael Spinks. Aside from that this is Gio's first test shoot, so granted there are things that are quite wrong with the scene, but none the less...

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Ghetto Gaggers Moesha gags on a throbbing cock

Moesha is back for a 3rd time. Because of that, we had to swim around in the think tank to make sure we pulled out all the tricks. We did... and because of that, we are able to deliver an excellent scene...

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Ghetto Gaggers Mint gets her throat destroyed by huge white cocks

Mint is a disaster. Clearly, she's a train wreck with big tits. I can't even find the words to write at this moment because I can't think of anything besides jumping head first out the window that's next to me.

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Ghetto Gaggers Zahara Storm gags ona hard white cock

The reason Zahara Storm is sitting on our couch today is a depressing one. Her husband is not a nice guy. He uses her as a punching bag when he gets mad... but in his defense, she is a...

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Ghetto Gagers Queen gets a rough throat fucking

Queen is a crybaby. Something must have happened early in her life which involved sucking cock because she's now damaged goods. She does not want dick in her mouth... 

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Ghetto Gaggers Scarlet Ray gets her throat destroyed by nasty white boys

Scarlet Ray is a friend of Belle Knox... that cunt that got all famous from being on our other website, Facial Abuse. Well, Scarlet Ray is hoping that the same thing happens to her. 

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Ghetto Gaggers Divinity Divine Brutal Interracial Skull Fucking

They say the 3rd time's the charm, right? I believe that to be true. Today, Divinity Divine is back for a triumphant trifecta. Her first two scenes were solid but we wanted this one to be something...

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Ghetto Gaggers Kennedy Monroe gets her throat fucked and her face cover in cum

Kennedy Monroe is a petite chocolate slut that was destined to become a whore. Why? It runs in her family. Her birth mother was a whore... so in that sense, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree.

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